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EMS Medicine Live : webinar series

EMS Medicine Live is a monthly webinar series providing educational content for EMS Fellows and both community and academic EMS Physicians.  


Webinar course directors are Dr. Christian Knutsen and Dr. Derek Cooney from SUNY Upstate and Dr. Brian Clemency  from University at Buffalo.  Our goal is to offer both interesting topics and EMS board prep reviews. 


EMS physicians from across the country have unique experiences with EMS systems.  Medical oversight, system design, legal issues, HAZMAT, tactical medicine, field procedures, aeromedicine, mobile integrated healthcare design, controlled substance regulation and diversion, and unique and interesting cases are all areas where we have knowledge to share, roadblocks we have found, and solutions we have put into place.  If your fellow or you would like to present a topic or case, please contact Christian Knutsen at


Our webinars are hosted at 1 PM Eastern Time on Zoom.  If you go to , you can create a free account and watch our webinars on your PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or phone.  A link to our webinar is sent out ahead of time to all EMS fellowship directors and the ACEP EMS listserv.  To register, click the link at the upper right corner of this page.

Past Episodes of EMS Medicine Live


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